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We work with House Charlotte down payment certified and approved mortgage professionals, and we are intimately familiar with the City of Charlotte’s “House Charlotte Down Payment Assistance Program”. We are dedicated to assisting home buyers achieve the American dream; owning a new home. We can assist you in getting approved for the city’s program, obtaining a home loan, and finding you the home of your dreams. This program is excellent for first time home buyers or anyone who has not owned a home in the last three years.

The House Charlotte down payment assistance program was created to help home buyers with the downpayment and closing fees required for the purchase of a residence located in predetermined locations in Charlotte, NC.
Eligible 1st time home buyers will be able to buy a home with this program in any of the approved areas.

House Charlotte has helped thousands of home buyers purchase a home when they were otherwise unable qualify.

House Charlotte Down Payment Assistance

The House Charlotte down payment program Features are as follows…

  1. Qualified home buyers may receive up to $10,000 down payment for select House Charlotte neighborhoods listed as “challenged.”
  2. Qualified home buyers may receive up to $7,500 down payment for select House Charlotte neighborhoods listed as “transitioning” or “stable” areas.
  3. Required House Charlotte home buyer education before you purchase home.

Eligibility Requirements for Applicants

A) If your families total income is 110% or less of the median income for the Charlotte metro area, you are eligible for assistance.

B) All home buyers who are accepted must complete the required pre-purchase home buyer education program.

C) The home you choose must be located in any of the eligible House Charlotte areas. Please give us a call and we can help you find a house.

D) Up to $10,000 is available to current police officers who purchase homes in these areas as well.

House Charlotte Down Payment Assistance Program

How the program works…

You must use only approved mortgage lenders to apply for the program. To find out if you are eligible for the program, fill out the short online form on this website or give us a call at 704-493-4547. We will be happy to assist you.

Once you have been approved as HouseCharlotte Program eligible, you must locate the house you want to live in from one of the approved Charlotte areas or (NSA’s). Our team of professional Realtors will help you with this free of charge.

House Charlotte Homes For Sale

There are many types of homes that are eligible for the program. There are resale homes as well as brand new homes from various builders such as Eastwood Homes, True Homes, LGI Homes, Regent Homes, and Accent Homes just to name a few. We can assist you in dealing with any of these builders and ensuring you get the best deal possible. Please know that every Charlotte NC neighborhood is grouped in an NSA, and some new home builders do not use the same neighborhood names as the NSA listing. Once you are working with one of our agents, they will help you with all these things. You can also refer to our neighborhood eligibility map to see all the approved neighborhoods and areas they are located.

Once we have assisted you in finding a house you like in the appropriate NSA, your lender will enroll you in the program. At that point, you will attend a home buyers training course which is required for the House Charlotte down payment assistance program.

If you would like to know if a certain home is eligible for HouseCharlotte, please go to our “Address Search” page. There you will see a map of the House Charlotte eligible areas. If you would like to schedule a viewing of all the House Charlotte homes, just give us a call.

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